Tempt me at Twilight by Lisa Kleypas
I love Lisa Kleypas books, well most of her books. She has had a couple of clunkers. Tempt me at Twilight comes close to being a clunker. In Tempt me at Twilight, we are once again in the midst of those whacky Hathaways. This time it is Poppy, the one that wants to be normal. Although, why she should view her family as anything other than loving and warm is beyond me. But Poppy wasn't the problem I had with this was Harry!

Harry, boo, hiss, throw those rotten tomatoes. Harry is the owner of the hotel that the Hathaway's stay in when they are in London. Harry sees Poppy and he must have her. Or he must have her body. I'm not sure why some other body wouldn't do, it's never explained. Harry is a self-centered, cruel, manipulative, ruthless villain-hero. It's been a long time since I've read a hero who is this mean-spirited, he reminds me of Steve from Sweet Savage Love written in 70's by Rosemary Rogers. Ms Kleypas has made him too much of a villain, and eventually when he does become the lovable teddy-bear (don't they all) I cannot forgive the cruelty, sneakiness displayed in the beginning.

There was also a stupid suspense thing tossed in toward the end of the book, totally unnecessary. It had the feel of "Hey, Lisa, we need to make your book longer, add something."

The secondary characters of Leo and Cat/Marks were really interesting and I'm looking forward to reading their story. They actually stole the show, along with the youngest sister Beatrix. Beatrix spouts things about animals like "monkeys are as greedy as people." I call them Beatrix's little animal sayings that have some deeper meaning that we can all learn from.

This book wasn't terrible, but it wasn't good either and Harry was just a creep. So, if you are reading the Hathaway family stories, you should read this, just be prepared for a mean hero.

Time Place: 1852 England
Sensuality rating: Hot

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