Surrender of a Siren by Tessa Dare

Privateer/Reformed Pirate Alert!

How can I like books that have my pet peeves in them. Easy, it is the writing. Ms Dare's first book had the stubborn heroine, and this book has the reformed Pirate/Privateer as the hero. Surrender of a Siren is the second book in a trilogy by Tessa Dare and what a wonderful book it is! It is a stand alone book, but I recommend reading the first one, just for the pure enjoyment.

Sophia was one of the very interesting secondary characters from the first book, and she don's the disguise of a governess in this one to escape marriage to someone she doesn't love. Don't like disguises either, but I have so many pet peeves, it's only logical that I'm going to trip over some of them. Anyway, she boards a ship owned by Benedict Grayson, who has just given up being a scoundrel and is trying to live the straight and narrow. Did I happen to mention that Sophia lies, she makes up some whopping stories and she wants grand passion. So much for "Gray's" plan.

Sophia is an interesting character, she's selfish and she hurts people, however she isn't a mean person. She eventually learns about herself, partly because of her friendship with a 15 year old boy, David (well constructed character). And, while I'm on the subject of well-constructed secondary characters, this book is filled with them. The interaction that Gray has with his brother Joss is almost as interesting as the interaction between Sophia and Gray. Ms. Dare writes fully developed secondary characters that are more than just backdrops for the romance. And there is a wonderful touching scene between Gray and his brother as they try to resolve some of their differences.

The only problem I had was with Gray's reaction when he found out about Sophia's money. However, that's just a small quibble, because it didn't last very long.

So far, I've really enjoyed Tessa Dare, but now I have to wait almost three weeks for the third installment. The third installment, A Lady of Persuasion, is about Toby, Sophia's spurned fiancee and Isabel, Gray's Quaker sister.

Part of trilogy
Time Period: Regency
Place: Mostly on ship
Sensuality Rating: Warm to Hot

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