The Conqueror's Lady by Terry Brisbin
Another disappointment. The Conqueror's Lady by Terri Brisbin started out promising, but by the end, I just wanted it to be over. It takes place in what must have been just a horrible time for the people of England, right after the Battle of Hastings. Personally, this is one of my favorite time periods to read about, there was so much going on historically, so, I was intrigued by a chance to read something not in the Regency time.

Ms. Brisbin does do a good job capturing the realities of that time, it's just too bad I didn't like the characters. Giles Fitzhenry, a bastard Norman is granted the land that Fayth's Saxon family owned. He is also granted Fayth as a wife. For me there are just too many problems that needed to be solved in the space of 300 pages. Giles is a bastard, he is governing land where the people hate him, his Norman neighbor hates him, he can't trust his wife, he may have killed her father, he can't read. Fayth is hiding big big secrets, she can't trust Giles, she doesn't tell him things she should and she is really close to be a TSTL heroine. Of the two characters in this book, I found Giles to be the better written.

And oh yes, this is the second in a The Knights of Brittany series, I probably won't be picking up the third.

Time Period: England 1066
Sensuality Rating: Warm

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