The Laird who Love Me by Karen Hawkins
This is supposed to be the finale of the MacLean series, however, something about the ending of this one made me wonder if there would be more. Because the curse didn't end! The Laird who Loved Me by Karen Hawkins is a revenge story. Now, I'm not really sure how the subject matter is chosen by publishers, but this is the fourth book in a row I've read that has a revenge plot.

Sorry to say (because I love Karen Hawkins) I had a number of problems with this book: First of all the revenge plot. The hero, Alex, is going to ruin the heroine, Caitlyn...why? Because she was, in a round about way, responsible for tricking his brother and her sister into marriage (see: Sleepless in Scotland). They are perfectly happy, so why does he want to ruin her I ask over and over and over and over. Didn't get it!
: the hero is 39, I think, the heroine is 23. Now, the age difference wouldn't bother me if the characters were written a little bit better or should I say the hero, because he is so obsessive about reeking revenge on Caitlyn, one would think he was a 12 year old boy.
Third: the two characters have this silly wager thing going on and neither one of them thinks about any of the physical harm that can be done by any of these wagers. And there are people that get hurt. I think this was supposed to be funny, but it wasn't. Fourth: There were parts of this book that seemed like whole chapters were just deleted. You see our heroine going to do one of her wagers and then the next chapter the wager is completed and won, but you never actually read about it. Our hero gets stung by bees, while climbing a tree, but you hear about it instead of seeing it. The villainous ex-mistress storyline just ends and you don't get to see her getting her comeuppance. When the hero and heroine go their separate ways, you never get to see the hero suffering or thinking it over, he just shows up at her house and all is forgiven.

This book is an example of some really sloppy writing or editing or both. If you've been reading the MacLean series, I'd say read this one, but check it out of your local library.

Incidentally, the tartan on this cover connects to the tartan on the last book cover.

Time: England and Scotland Regency
Sensuality Rating: Hot

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