Four Dukes and a Devil, an anthology

Oh the novella or anthology or whatever. Why do I try? This one, Four Dukes and a Devil had five short stories by Cathy Maxwell, Elaine Fox, Jeanene Frost, Sophia Nash and Tracy Anne Warren. Cathy Maxwell, Sophia Nash and Tracy Anne Warren I'm familiar with and my favorite author out the group is Cathy Maxwell.

True to form, the Cathy Maxwell story The Irish Duke was my least favorite of the group, it just had the short choppy feel to it. The Irish Duke, didn't like

The Duke that Came to Dinner by Elaine Fox, this was a contemporary and as we all know I don't read contemporary. However, this one I liked and I thought it had some really cute funny things going on in it. So for those of you who read contemporary, maybe you should give Elaine Fox a try.

Devil to Play by Jeaniene Frost: the paranormal in the group. This was a DNF for me, it seem connected to other books and was way too involved in paranormal/demon worlds for me. Didn't like.

Catch of the Century by Sophia Nash: This one was my favorite, the characters were funny and the story was well written for a short story. And , characters from other books showed up. Good story!

Charmed by Her Smile by Tracy Anne Warren: I enjoyed this story also, although the bad guy was a silly plot and I it would had been a whole lot better if the characters were allowed more space. Should have been a full novel, it would have been so much better.

I'd like to say this is my last anthology, but I know it won't be. Overall there were three out of five that I liked and one was a contemporary. Who'd of thunk it!.

Time period: Various
Place: Various
Sensuality Rating: Hot

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