Desires of a Perfect Lady by Victoria Alexander

Ta da...The winner of my first 2010 Snooze Award goes to Desires of a Perfect Lady.
After reading this book, I went back to the first book in her series and was surprised to see that I liked it. Because, after reading this book, I was seriously considering crossing Victoria Alexander off my auto-buy list. This book did have a major impact on the creation of the snooze award, an award that hadn't even crossed my mind before...that must be some sort of honor.

Well, citizens, let me tell you, I really had a hard time getting through this one. It is a very bad sign when one keeps putting a book down and drifting off for a little nap.

I really thought I'd enjoy this one, Sterling Harrington is one of my all-time favorite type of hero. A stuffed shirt. Love stuffed shirts and I did enjoy his interaction with his mother. However, there was no chemistry between he and the heroine, Olivia. Plus, this was another "on the road" treasure hunt book, however, you'd think with all of the moving around and hunting there would be something...some little spark of excitement...after all we go to Egypt, Venice and London. Pass by all the other countries in between.

There is everything in this book, adventure, villains, my favorite type of hero and...nothing, it just didn't go anywhere...Once again, the hamster in wheel syndrome.

I guess, since I liked the first one, I'll read the next one...but this one...

See, I even nod off when writing about it.

Time/Place: Victorian Everywhere
Sensuality: Weak Hot


Olusola said...

True talk. Victoria Alexander has been hit or miss for me. When she's good; she's very very good & when she's bad; she's blah!

SidneyKay said...

Yes, I was really bummed...Victoria Alexander writes some humorous books and I thought the mix of humor and a stuffy guy would be great...oh well

Melissa said...

I enjoyed the book. It was contrived and there were issues, but I am a big fan of Victoria Alexander. It didn't have the charm of her previous books, but I thought it was satisfactory.