Always a Scoundrel by Suzanne Enoch
All I can say is WOW! Always a Scoundrel, the third in a series by Suzanne Enoch is wonderfully written.

Can't tell you how much I loved this book and everything about it. The characters were well written, even the evil villain. But the best character was Bramwell with Rose along for the ride. The other characters from the previous books show up, but they are needed, they're not just thrown in for a catch up on their lives.

The plot is a standard romance plot: rake meets virgin who is being sacrificed by her horrible family to the bad guy, but this story is really really well written and the standard plot turns into something new. Have I said that this book is well written? I'm so jealous, there was some thought put into this plotting and how things were going to be maneuvered so we could have our HEA. And, you are going to hate her family.

This books is a bit darker than some of her previous books, and I almost didn't recognize the writing. Ms. Enoch seems to have found her voice and I hope it continues in this manner.
Sensuality Rating: Hot


Melissa said...

This book is amazing! The villain gives you the creeps while not overplaying it. The hero is so confused as to why he's helping the heroine. He can't admit he's a good guy. The heroine is strong, but recognizes she needs help.

I was engrossed in the story from the beginning. I believe Bramwell is the best hero in a romance at this point. He plays the hero to perfection with no conscious thought of what he is doing and is humble about it. He wants to protect an innocent.

Great book!

Melissa said...

Off my Goodreads page:

Great book! I'm going back to read the earlier ones. Thanks for the recommendation.