The Diamonds of Welbourne Manor by McCabe, Gaston and Marlowe

Why do I buy anthologies?? Actually I know why I do, sometimes I want to have a fast read and since an anthology is a compilation of short stories...ta da...there you go. And, occasionally I have found new author's, because a lot of times publishers will introduce the new authors in an anthology format along their trusty best selling authors. In fact the last anthology I read, I found a new author at the very end. I digress.

The authors: Diane Gaston aka Perkins, Amanda McCabe and Deb Marlowe, all regency writers and all for Harlequin. Their three stories are intertwined; they are about three sisters of the Fitzmanning Miscellany (loosely based on the real life families of Georgina and Harriette Spencer, yes the same Spencer family of Diana.) Justine and the Noble Viscount by Diane Gaston, Annalise and the Scandalous Rake by Deb Marlowe, Charlotte and the Wicked Lord by Amanda McCabe.

All of these stories are standard traditional Regencies with the requisite sex scene thrown in. These were all warm, nice stories and I think my favorite was the shortest one, Amanda McCabe's story about Charlotte. We are also introduced to other characters that are all probably going to get their own stories. The only thing I could have wished was that they had all been full length stories, because I think they are lacking the emotion that comes with bigger books.

If you are looking for a fast read that doesn't need a huge emotional commitment this books is for you. I would recommend however checking it out of the library instead of buying.
Sensuality Rating: Warm

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