At Last Comes Love by Mary Balogh
The third book in the Huxtable Family series At Last Comes Love, is Margaret's story. You remember Margaret, the doormat from the other books. Well, get ready, this is not the same drudgery-boo-hoo-poor-me-let's wait for ten years Margaret. She finally sprouts a backbone. And let me just say that Crispin is a jerk!

There are all kinds of standard romance trappings in this book that could have made it a real bummer...there is the gruff but lovable curmudgeon grandfather, a very talkative mother, a four year old child, numerous martyrs. But it all works, the grandfather is really lovable, the mother is a hoot (I wanted to take a breath for her) and at least for me, the four year old seemed like a four year old and not a twelve year old disguised as a four year old. I am basing the child statement on just having dinner with my two year old nephew.

Now, on to Margaret and Duncan, who bump into each other at a ball. Loved that scene! And, they make a great couple right from the beginning. They are an interesting couple and for the most part they are an honest couple; although, there was one secret that Duncan had that I didn't understand why he didn't explain it when he was 'Splainin everything else. And, there was a Margaret temper tantrum that was out of character for Margaret and didn't really make sense. But those are just minor quibbles.

Warning to those of you that are the weepy type (and you know who you are), there is a scene that just may bring a tear to your eye, so be prepared!

At Last Comes Love is a lovely read. Margaret and Duncan are made for each other. Stephen makes an appearance in this one and gets his own HEA in Seducing an Angel.
Sensuality Rating: Not Quite Hot, but Not Warm

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Melissa said...

Margaret gets a backbone and world watch out. I didn't like her character in the previous books, but she really grew on me in this one. Duncan is an interesting hero as well. I did not see the bigger reveal coming at the end. I knew he had to have some redeeming qualities, especially considering how kind he is to Margaret. I thoroughly enjoyed reading their story and was not disappointed.