Seducing Mr. Knightly by Maya Rodale

November 14, 2012
Let me repeat myself... Let me repeat myself.

This is my first sampling of a Maya Rodale book and I don't plan on it being my last. It also appears that I've walked into the middle or last in a series when I chose Seducing Mr. Knightly. However, this particular book stands on its own.

Now, Ms. Rodale probably didn't have me in mind when she wrote this book, but I have to say that the heroine in Seducing Mr. Knightly bore a strong resemblance to moi. It was rather startling and there was even a totally embarrassing incident in this book that happened to the heroine, Annabelle, that also happened to me. However, in this book it was funny. Even though I could identify with Annabelle completely, I also found her thoughts and antics to be terribly funny and I even had a few laugh out loud moments.

Despite my love of Annabelle's character, because I could identify so closely with her, it was also a bit problematic. People who are introverts or shy or quiet are not weak people; in fact I think they are very strong people. They are also very observant, due to the fact that they are always watching while extroverts are always nattering away. Why am I saying this, you may ask? Well, you see Annabelle has this metamorphosis from a shy, retiring person into this, dare I say it, tart. I found it hard to believe that she, the quiet Annabelle, would be able to transform herself as much as she did in this book. Without a big bottle of tequila in her hand, that is.

The other issue I had with Seducing Mr. Knightly was - Mr. Knightly. First of all, he was flat, boring, and I couldn't quite understand why Annabelle was in love with him. Why she had mooned over him for years and years. He is handsome, so, I can understand an infatuation... but to love someone who is oblivious to everything around him, no. And, we know she loves him, because we are told over and over and over that she does. Then, she transforms into a floozy and all of a sudden Derek actually sees her, or her bazongas. And, he craves her, just craves her. Craves! Craves! Craves! We are told repetitively that he craves and she loves. We never get to see it. 

I felt more of a connection between Owen and Annabelle than I did between Derek and Annabelle, and that was the part of the book I was disappointed in. I also wished that Derek had fallen in love with the shy Annabelle instead of the pop-tart Annabelle.

So, for me, the beginning of this book worked. It was a humorous, fun read.  I enjoyed the secondary characters, especially Owen.  I thought they were well-written and not flat. Where the book lost me was in the romance. I had a problem with Derek and Annabelle connecting. I actually wanted her to end up with Owen.

Time/Place: Regency England
Sensuality: Hot


Tracy said...

Ug, flat boring heroes who only see the heroine once she's a...well, I'll use your term: pop tart, are just frustrating. Why can't they see the person BEFORE? A bit aggravating.

I've not read this author before but I may have to check her out, thanks.

SidneyKay said...

Tracy: I think she's worth a shot.

nath said...

Great review, SidneyKay. This one is indeed the last book in the series. I read it and enjoyed it a lot. It's my favorite in the series so far (I've read books #1 and #2).

I can see the points you brought up. I thought it was interesting for Annabelle to come out of her shell a little bit. She might not have tequila, but she had support. Although I can understand a bit how unbelievable it is. As for Derek, he wasn't the most exciting hero true... but I don't know... There's something about men who are focused and determined that's admirable no?

SidneyKay said...

nath: I thought about you when I was writing my review...cause I knew you probably liked the book better than I did. I kept thinking...what will nath say? what will nath say? A lot of pressure. Anyway, I like mellow men in books also, but he was just too mellow for me. I just didn't see how she fell in love with him. Maybe, there was more background in the other books? And, Owen was the one that made her feel good about herself. I thought Owen was a charmer.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, although I think the grade was one too high. I think Annabelle's mutation might have worked better had it affected her relationships with everybody, especially her family, for I do think that even introverts at times find the straw one ounce too many and simply erupt. One other thing: How, do you think, might authors be instructed that "led" not "lead" is the past tense of "lead"; and that "tact" is not a substitute for "tack"?


SidneyKay said...

dick: Hi, is your author question a trick question? When I read your comments on other websites, I am always amazed that you have caught some of the things you do. Incorrect words do not jump out at me from the page. Usually. Although I have read books that had a bazillion typos. If I am reading a book and I start noticing mistakes, then I switch from actually reading the book to keeping track of how many mistakes I can find. I think it's too late to instruct authors, they should have had that instruction years ago in school. But, from my own experience I know that I miss tons of things in my own writing. I'm not a very good self editor. A lot of times I look at words that may be wrong, but my brain interprets them as right. I can understand missing something or typing in an absolutely incorrect word that doesn't mean what the sentence is saying it means. My inability to catch things is one of the reasons I read my article/programs/whatever out loud. Then I can hear the incorrect verbiage.

I get thrown out of a story more by incorrect time period clothing/slang/circumstances.

As far as the grading, I've been kicking around not putting one on my reviews.

nath said...

Nah, actually, there wasn't any more background in previous books. From book #1, Annabelle pretty much sighed when Derek came into the room LOL.

Seriously, you thought of it when writing this review? LOL, thanks! Sorry about the pressure though. However, I think your reasons absolutely justify your grade :) I just didn't have the same issues as you :)

nath said...

Oh regarding Owen, he was a great character, I agree. But I never put him together with Annabelle, most probably because I know how long Annabelle has been pining for Derek :P

SidneyKay said...

Nath: Yes, lots and lots and lots of pressure.

About Owen. I haven't read any of the others, so for me I liked Owen.

Melissa said...

I found the story humorous, especially when he finally tries to seduce her using her same mechanisms. Derek was too focused on self and Annabelle should have given up on him rather than embarrassing herself further.