Where Shadows Dance by C.S. Harris

June 20, 2011
TBR challenge

This is also the last in the series to date - the next book When Maidens Mourn will be coming out March of 2012.

We have some plus and minuses in this story - let's get those nasty minuses out of the way. Some may consider what I'm about to say spoiler territory. Dead bodies, dead bodies, dead bodies. I'm starting to think Sebastian St. Cyr is a bad luck kind of guy. In Where Shadows Dance if you happen to be one of the peripheral characters, you are either a killer of a killee! I'm also growing a little weary of all the different Bond-Bourne government conspiracy cover-ups that call all the murder-mystery in this series. And lastly, even though I was please with the idea of Hero saving herself, her Kung-Fu moment was a tad bit over the top. Four dead guys...Pulease!

Now to the pluses! I was delighted when the author brought in some macabre humor. Watch for what I consider a brilliant bit of black comedy with gravediggers, rain, mud, missing shrouds, missing body parts, finding missing body parts, putting missing body parts back together, and dumping a loosely attached body back in the grave, all before it is dug up again for an "official" inquiry. I was amused.

However, the best parts of the book were the moments when Sebastian and Hero were together. What a perfect crime-solving couple, and their chemistry is heating up. They're a funny, quick-witted intelligent couple, even though I find Hero to be the smarter of the two. Watching Hero and Sebastian as they test the waters of their relationship and watching that relationship as it grows stronger is well-written...and I'm looking forward to further steps in their development.

It was also great having the other characters back - along with all of their secrets. When will we find out what Kat's holding over Lord Jarvis' head? Will Sebastian ever forgive Hendon? Who's Sebastian's real father? When will Sebastian get over Kat? Soon I hope - Kat's my least favorite character.

I found the murder-mystery part of this book with the big field of dead people quite a stretch. However, the growing relationships between Sebastian and his peeps are very fascinating and I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.

Time/Place: Regency England
Sensuality Rating: Kiss

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