The Reluctant Vampire by Lynsay Sands

June 27, 2011

Remember the days when vampires were sensual and never had sex?
Times have changed and what we mortal women always suspected about vampires/immortals is true - they can have sex! Lot's of sex! And not just your typical run of the mill, plain old sex, but mind blowing fantastic-orgasmic, spectacular, super-duper sex! And let me tell you about the humpfest in this book - after reading 15 books in the series the constant thumping and banging is beginning to wear a little thin.

There's not much that's new in The Reluctant Vampire - Drina and Harper are life mates - so, resistance is futile. Oh, wait, that's the Borgs! Anyway, Drina is a rogue hunter, and if she is an example of a rogue hunter...all of you rogue vampires/immortals have nothing to fear.

We once again return to the lovely town of Port Henry, a town similar to Mayberry with Andy, Opie, Barney, Goober, Gomer, Lloyd and Aunt Bea...only there are vampires/immortals living there. And by the way, I am having trouble keeping track of all of the characters, where one story ends and another begins.

There were some humorous moments, especially with the stinky cat: however, I found the portion of the book when Drina dresses like a street-walker to attract Harper a little insulting, a little silly and very juvenile.

Spoilers coming to an eye near you!

I did find the character of Stephanie and her problem with vampire conversion to be very interesting and I'm looking forward to more insight into her story. However, I hope she's a little older when she finds her life-mate. Now, while I found her problems fascinating, I also became irritated with her eavesdropping on Drina and Harper's sexual escapades.

And then there was the Scooby-doo "someone trying to kill someone" solution at the end of the story. Tumor! OMG, the tumor moment, elicited a groan (and not a good groan). You would think with all the vampires around looking into minds, one of them would have seen the tumor.

I have enjoyed the Argeneau series, some of them more than others. My favorite books in the series are still The Interrupted Vampire and The Accidental Vampire, I found the The Reluctant Vampire to be a little weak. And, I for one would like to have more of the vampire/immortal culture featured in this series. I think it would add just a little bit more spice to the mixture.

Time/Place: Current time in Port Henry
Sensuality Rating: Scorching

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Tracy said...

I won't read the review since I just got this in the mail for review but a C doesn't give me much hope. lol Hopefully I'll like it more. :)