To Tame a Dangerous Lord by Nicole Jordan
To Tame a Dangerous Lord by Nicole Jordan, fifth book in the Courtship War's series. This is a typical Nicole Jordan book, so if you like Nicole Jordan you'll like this one. You know what I mean...lot's of hot sex (I think there was a twenty page sex scene or so it seemed) and a really arrogant guy and I do mean arrogant. Not only is he arrogant, he is also one of those spy guys, so he is of course suspicious of everything the heroine does. He of course jumps to all of the wrong conclusions and treats the really nice heroine, Madeline, like dirt. How did England keep their colonies as long as they did with these spy guys? He of course was betrayed by an evvel woman early on, so all women are not to be trusted. And while we are on the subject of those millions of spy guys in Romanceland, do all of them just jump to the wrong conclusion? Also, thrown into the patch is a really nasty grandmother, not a cute funny one, but really mean. Although Madeline does stand up to her. I really wanted Madeline to smack Rayne (the hero) in the face, but she never did. What she did do was blame herself for all of their problems.

So, this is an solid read, but it is also a typical Jordan book, so beware.

Time Place: Georgian England
Sensuality Rating: Hot


AnimeJune said...

HA, wow! I really love your blog - and another Balogh fan! Hooray! Your reviews are hilarious.

You can thank Katiebabs of Babbling About Books, she pointed out this site to me.

Melissa said...

I enjoy Jordan, but the heroine needed a stronger spine. Yes, I enjoyed the hot sex and the grandmother was spiteful. Actually she changed her tune a little too quick, but she was a good conflict, unlike the eeeevil woman. Please, the evil woman really didn't do anything terribly bad to Rayne. As for Madeline paying for the sins of the former lover, I agree, she should have hit Rayne at some point.