Promise Me Tonight by Sara Lindsey
Promise Me Tonight by Sara Lindsey, a debut novel, was an interesting book to read. Why, you may ask...well, because when I started reading this book I really loved it. I loved the heroine, Isabella, her family and James, the man she has luved forever. Isabella was a very believable, immature, sheltered woman of the 1700's. And, normally I don't read those annoying epigraphs in romance novels, however I loved the ones in this book. Each one is a letter written by Isabella at some point in her childhood, starting at age five and I found them simply adorable.

However, more than half way through the book, I started to get really ticked off at the idiot hero. He is one of those guys, who can't marry, never, never, ever because he doesn't want his wife to become pregnant, because his mother died in childhood along with his baby sister, so all women will die!! And then he has some stupid dream where he sees Isabella in the grave. To top it off, he keeps leaving Isabella...I think it's about three times, I finally quit counting.

So, anyway, there were parts of this book that were really good and the author hooked me into wanting to read more about the wonderful Weston family. If this author clicks, I predict the Weston family is going to be up there with the Bridgertons, Montgomery and Mallerons. Great family. And by the way, the Weston parents are alive.

On the other hand, James was a total selfish moron for waaay too long. I blame him for the rating.

Time Place: Late Georgian England
Sensuality Rating: Warm

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