A View to a Kiss by Caroline Linden
A View to a Kiss was actually published in February, it’s just been in my TBR pile since then. And before I say anything about the book, let me say just one little minor rant. I am surprised Britain had any men in the army to do the actual fighting, because it seems that most of them were spies.
Now on to the book, Harry Sinclair is a spy. Lady Mariah Dunmore is the daughter of one of the men Harry is watching. He shares a house with other spies; which I would have been happier if more time had been given to the dynamics in the spy house. However, it wasn’t.
The first half of the books is filled with these two lead characters acting like they are 18 and 21 instead of 23 and 30. I found the character of Mariah hard to swallow. She’s is supposed to be a sophisticated woman, but comes off being an oversexed teenager, obsessing about a man that breaks into her bedroom while she’s asleep and hides in the shadows. I found these little encounters slightly irritating and totally unbelievable. I thought the heroine was rather goofy.
The book picks up after she discovers who he is and there is a really well written chase scene. The book is better when the mystery is the center stage and not the romance.
Do I recommend this book? It's not all that bad, really. If you like characters that are overwhelmed by passion, this book is for you. Plus the mystery and spy angle is very nice and in my opinion the best part of the book. I am also assuming that Harry's spy roommates will all have books, especially the very mysterious Brandon., who now has a scar (due to the bomb exploding.)
Sensuality: Warm

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I think the girl on this cover looks like Kiera Knightley.