Scandal by Carolyn Jewel

This book is not a light fluffy read. It’s is filled with poignancy and at sometimes almost unbearable sadness. The writing draws the reader into the book. For those that don't like flashbacks beware, there are a few in this book. However, in this case the flashbacks add to the story. This is a story of trust and renewal. The story is many layered and things are revealed piece by piece. There is no evil villain, evil woman, spies, amnesia or mistaken identities; this is a very realistic book. The only problem I had with it was the heroines slow acceptance of the hero’s reformation, but then she wasn’t reading the book.
The sexual content is scorching.


Melissa said...

I'm going to give it a try. It sounds interesting. I prefer the emotional conflict over the physical conflict.

Sarai said...

Look at you! You're like a regular romance reviewer, with your book covers and your stars. I'm so proud!

Melissa said...

I loved this book and thank you for recommending it. It was a powerfully emotional story, in which I was pleasantly happy when the heroine discovers her love for the hero. To overcome her fears and accept the love of such a complicated hero, was a great read.