Scandal and the Duchess by Jennifer Ashley

September 24, 2014
Fasten your seat belts, it's manly men time!
Looks like we have a prologue into another series or maybe it’s just a continuation of the MacKenzie family. Depends on how one looks at it. This one is a short story about Captain Stephen McBride whose sister is married to a MacKenzie. There are three other McBride brothers, so, I’m assuming there will be three more stories filled with manly men who have slight Scottish accents and know their way around a bedroom. Of course they will be big big men with big feet and they will be drool worthy, because Ms. Ashley does not write about skinny guys without muscles.

Anyway, in Scandal and the Duchess, our hero is Stephen McBride who is on a short military leave to deliver some bad news to a woman he thinks still loves him or something like that. Honestly, this part of the story was superfluous and didn’t add too much to the tale. For some reason, Stephen is rip roaring drunk and ends up tumbling into our intrepid heroine’s lap. That lap would belong to Rose. Anyway, even when he’s drunker than a skunk he recognizes a lush little bundle when he falls into it. It is immediate lust, and I guess with a short story it would have to be, but then he's  one of those manly men, so who knows. 

There is a plot, sort of. Rose is a dowager widow in need of money because her nefarious step-son won’t give her any. Stephen has taken a liking to our little Rose and has decided to help Rose get the inheritance that was left to her. That would be two pieces of furniture. Rose believes that the two pieces of furniture have something hidden in them. Could be – could be. While Rose's problem is solved are introduced to the rest of the McBride brothers. Of course Ian MacKenzie shows up to solve the secret of the furniture mystery. But really this story is about Stephen and Rose falling into bed together and having mind blowing sex.

This is an ok book, not much to it. The characters are not very well developed and it can be viewed as the intro for the much larger book that is being released in October, Rules for a Proper Governess, which is Sinclair McBrides' story.

Time/Place: Bustle time in England
Sensuality: Hot

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