Ripe for Scandal by Isobel Carr

September 13, 2011

Two! Two! Two books in one!


I'm glad I stuck around for the second in Isobel Carr's League of the Second Sons series, Ripe for Scandal. This book had some wonderful stuff in it.

Have you ever been surrounded by nincompoops? Have you ever felt like everyone was out to get you? Are you the only sane person in the world? Well, those questions and many more are some that our heroine and hero might be asking themselves.

For those of you keeping count, we've met this couple in the previous book: Boudicea aka Beau was the sister of Leo from Ripe for Pleasure. Gareth is one of the second sons and the best-est buddy of Leo. And, let me tell you, with friends like Leo you don't need any enemies. Also, while I'm on the subject (I'm not), I hated the name Beau. Every time I read it, I had to remember that Beau was a girl.

This is a story of two people who have known each other forever and are in love/infatuated with each other. Of course, for one reason or another, nothing can ever - ever come of this love - so, Boudicea/Beau moons over Gareth. And, being a rake, Gareth does what any self-respecting rake would do when deprived of the woman he lust after. Jumps on anything in long skirts that moves. He's one of those Romanceland heroes that I get concerned over. You know the ones with diseases and what-nots. Anyway, the first part of this book is taken up with the abduction of Boudicea/Beau, the rescue by Gareth and their being forced to marry. It is during this part of the book that we grow to understand Boudicea/Beau and Gareth. We watch them as they discover each other. They are truly an amazing couple, and a step above other romance couples struggling with misunderstandings. These two are mostly honest with each other, they like each other, they enjoy being together. It was an amazing relationship. And, this was in the first part. So, if the couple are getting along with each other by the first half of the story, where's the tension you might ask?

Well, let me tell you, there were so many things beating against this couple, it's amazing they made it through to the HEA. There were also quite a number of horrible people in this book; it was really quite horrendous. Horrible friends, horrible families, horrible villains. And, I really wanted to choke Leo...I don't think I liked him very much in the first book. This book didn't change my mind. He was not any kind of friend to Gareth. He gave no thought as to what his actions might be doing to his sister. He was truly a creep! Thank goodness there were animals in this book. The animals were the only beings that were nice to our couple.

And then - there is the BIG problem and the mood of the book shifts. By the time this happens, you have come to love Gareth and Boudicea/Beau. When the BIG problem came along, I knew how my wonderful couple would react. Knowing how Gareth and Beau were going to react and wondering how the author was going to resolve the BIG problem led to some mighty tense moments in my mind. All I can say is my fingernails are gone and I stayed up late just to finish this book.

Yes, there was some uneven plotting. Yes, there appeared to be some things that were rushed...but, overall this was a good book and a great addition to the series. Good job Ms. Carr aka Kalen Hughes, glad you're still around.

Time/Place: Georgian England
Sensuality Rating: Hot


Rowena said...

This book is on my radar, thanks for the review. It's put this series on my TBB list.

SidneyKay said...

Rowena: Hope you like it.