Lord Langley is Back in Town by Elizabeth Boyle

September 8, 2011

OMG! Who are all these people??
Elizabeth Boyle is one of my favorite authors; she's an automatic buy. I always look forward to her books, because I know that I'm going to get a good yarn. Now, that doesn't mean there are some I don't like as much as others,cause there are, and Lord Langley is Back in Town is one that I don't like as much. Bummer.

I am a number one fan of books in a series and those little handy dandy pedigree charts that are stuck there to stop us from floundering around. However, even though I have read every single book in this series, I was lost. I couldn't remember who did what to whom when. And that was too bad, because I became so distracted by trying to remember all of these people, I found that I could not enjoy the book as much as I wanted to. That's doubly sad seeing as how I really, really, really liked Lord Langley. I thought he was just the bees-knees! He was older, sexy, and charming. He had a mischievous quality about him that I found most amusing.

Minerva I was less enchanted with, in fact I found her just a bit tiresome and I wasn't really that interested in her back story. I think in this case I would have been just as happy without her back story, because it didn't add too much too the overall book. Here we go: If it had been me writing the book, I would have enhanced the farce that was created by the four ex-lovers of Langley being in the same house. I could see all manner of Preston Sturges' shenanigans going on with all the women under the same roof. However, while humorous scenes did happen, I wished there had been more of a farce. And yes, I know, I didn't write the book!

I loved Langley, and I wish his romance with Minerva had been stronger. There were just too many other people crowding into this book for the romance between Langley and Minerva to develop. It's not a good sign when I can be easily distracted while reading a book, especially one that I was looking forward to with much anticipation. Anyway, I'll be waiting for the next in the series, Along Came a Duke. Maybe I'll do some rereading before then.

Time/Place: Regency England
Sensuality Rating: Hot


Tracy said...

I really liked Langley as well and his sense of humor. The "nannies" I found annoying and the intrigue to be a bit of a disappointment. I felt about the same as you. :)

Melanie said...

Hey Kay;))

OMG! Some of the things I didn't like, you did; some of the things I liked, you didn't, but one thing we had in common and that is-too much going on!!! I have all EB's books, they're all keepers, but this one surprised me. And not in a good way! Here's my review, just in case you missed it. I reviewed it for Romance Reader At Heart website :)

I see you're reading the second one from IC, which means you must have read the first. I'm going to look over your blog and see if you reviewed it, which I think you did, but can't recall it right now. I didn't like the first one....


SidneyKay said...

Tracy, Melanie: I was disappointed. And, we don't have to agree on everything but how we feel after we read it. Wanted more.