The Elusive Bride by Stephanie Laurens
We're off on the road to ...India...Egypt...France...England.

Stephanie, Stephanie, Stephanie... I was one of your early fans, I even wrote you a fan letter when I read Captain Jack all those years ago. What happened?

When I first started reading The Elusive Bride I thought, Oh good, the hero is not the standard Laurens cave man, "you Jane, me Tarzan" kind of hero. In fact, the heroine, Emily Ensworth, seemed to be the aggressive one. Dare I say it, Emily even seems to have an amazing amount of stalker qualities as she follows the hero across continents. You see after the first meeting she knows he is the "one." How do we know Gareth is the "one?" Because it is told to us on every other page of the book as Emily writes in her diary! At first I was amused with her diary entries, and then I became irritated.

And then, we have the hero, heroine and their posse as they trek across the continents, trying to outrun the EEVVIILL black cobra cultists. You know they are the evil ones because they wear black things around their heads, and not only are they evil, but they are stupid because they never think about disguising themselves. Which is probably why they lose e-v-e-r-y single encounter they have with Emily and her posse. Not only do they lose, they die and then their bodies just mysteriously evaporate. And during all of the melees, not a single person in Emily's posse is hurt. Well, I take that back. In the last attack that I read, Dorcas the maid was injured. Of course she wouldn't have been injured if Emily hadn't decided that she was the only person who could go to market and replenish their supplies... Even though assassins in black are looking for her, she still goes to the market!!! She goes to the market a lot in this book and they are attacked a lot in this book and the cultists die in this book and then all the blood is cleaned up and then Emily goes to the market or rides a camel or walks on a boat and they are attacked and the bodies are disposed of and the blood is cleaned up and then Emily goes to the market... you get my drift. And, the hero... we don't know too much about him because he is little more than a cliche and he has hardly any POV.

I made it to page 147 before giving up on The Elusive Bride aka Stalker Bride.

Sorry Ms. Laurens, this was a DNF for me.

Time/Place: 1822 All over
Sensuality: Didn't get that far

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Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

I've given up on Laurens. She has jumped the shark for me.