Shirtless Guys!!! Upcoming HIstorical Releases for August 15 to September 14, 2016

Authors with an asterisk*, I'm picking up! For more Upcoming Releases that aren't historical see Hey Delia!!! August 15, 2016 to September 14, 2016. By the way, it is not my fault if a publisher changes the release dates - just so you know, they do not consult me.
Bronwen Evans

A Taste of Seduction
The Disgraced Lords series
August 16
Cynthia Breeding

Rogue of the Moors
Rogue series
August 30
Elizabeth Michels

The Rebel Heir
Spare Heirs series
September 6
Ella Quinn

When a Marquis Chooses a Bride
Worthingtons series
August 30

Georgie Lee

The Cinderella Governess
Governess Tales series
August 23
Heather Graham

When We Touch
Graham series
August 30
Jane Ashford

What the Duke Doesn't Know
Duke’s Sons series
Sept 6
Jeannie Lin

Swords and Surrender series
August 23
Jenna Kernan

The Warrior’s Captive Bride
August 23
Julia Justiss

Stolen Encounters with the Duchess
Hadley’s Hellions series
August 23
Karen Hawkins*

Mad for the Plaid
The Oxenburg Princes series
August 30
Laura Lee Guhkre*

No Mistress of Mine
American Heiress in 

London series
August 30
Lenora Bell

If I Only Had a Duke
The Disgraceful Dukes series
August 30
Rosanne Bittner

Love's Sweet Revenge
Outlaw Hearts series
September 6
Sarah MacLean*

A Scot in the Dark
Scandal and Scoundrel series
August 30
Susanne Lord

Discovery of Desire
London Explorers series
September 6
Vanessa Kelly

My Fair Princess
Improper Princesses  series
August 30

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