Her Every Wish by Courtney Milan

March 31, 2016
Well, that didn't take long!
Actually because of some do-dah at B&N yesterday, it took longer to download Courtney
Milan's latest, Her Every Wish, than it did to read it. This is the latest in her Worth series and I have to say even though this is a very short book, it is an amazing story. I confess I wanted it to not end, but end it did and there might have even been some birds tweeted and butterflies flitting - even a rainbow in the sky. I'm always amazed when an author can pull off a really good story in a limited space and Ms. Milan seems to excel with short stories.

There is some heavy duty characterization going on in this book. Everyone, including the secondary characters, are vibrant, interesting and make the reader want more of them. There were a couple of characters in this book, the woman with the flower in the lapel and the red-haired little girl who had really small parts, but who I also wanted more of. But, the main characters of Daisy and Crash are enchanting. Daisy and Crash have a past, but due to a misunderstanding they are not on the friendliest of terms. That all changes when Daisy turns to Crash for help in making her dream come true. We get to watch these two as they help each other achieve their dreams. There is a strong element of feminism in this little story, an encouragement to not only women but men that one can achieve their dreams. Without giving too much away, I was glad that Daisy's initial dream didn't come true because she found another way to have it.

In the end, this was a delightful story, jam-packed with interesting characters, and hidden behind the romance a message of strength. I do think that Courtney Milan may be skating close to sermonizing in this book and it made be wonder if this genre was the proper venue for it. But if not here where? Anyway, there are a lot of messages in this book and if you don't enjoy messages mixed with your romance, this short story may be a problem for you. But if you are a fan of Ms. Milan's writing dig in.

Time/Place: England 1866
Sensuality: Hot

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