Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish by Grace Burrowes

February 2, 2016

How many sisters does it take to make a series? 
Five, of course.
According to Ms. Burrowes' website, Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish was written after most of the other Windham family stories had been accepted for publication. In fact as the first of the brothers, Westhaven, was hitting the stores, Ms. Burrowes was writing this Christmas story. And, in my humble opinion, I like Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish better than the brother trilogy. It's not as overworked as the first three.

This is a stranded-in-a-snow-storm story, only this one includes a little baby by the name of Kit. If you find the joys of being a mother romantic, then this story is for you. Whether you like babies or not, this story is a sweet entry into Windham family. While it is a bit of a stretch for the aristocratic unmarried, unchaperoned Lady Sophie Windham to be traveling on her own, it's still a pleasant read and a very suitable Christmas holiday release.

Lady Sophie is traveling late to join her family, along with her servant. Now this servant is a very young girl, who just recently has given birth to a baby. This servant is not the mother type - she abandons her baby in Lady Sophie's arms. She just disappears into the night, leaving her baby in the care of a befuddled Lady Sophie. Sophie knows nothing about the feeding and care of a child, so she is rather panicking when this story begins. Coming to her rescue is Wilhelm Lucifer Charpenter, Vim for short. Vim knows about caring for little babies. How does he know that? I really don't know, that's never fully explained, but he knows how to change diapers.

Diapers. You know how when you’re glomming an author you sometime find their patterns. Well, with Ms. Burrowes there seems to be some item in each of her books which she becomes obsessed with. She mentions it over and over and over. There's her stock in lemonade, her apple tarts, Darjeeling tea, menstrual cycles and in this book it was nappies/diapers. We get to watch our hero and heroine changing nappies/diapers over and over. Which considering the fact that this story's plot revolves around a baby, it isn't a surprise that there would be diapers. It's just that dirty diapers are not usually at the forefront of a romance novels. This would also be before disposables, so it would have been quite stinky. Plus Kit is learning how to eat solid food, and if memory serves that was a very odoriferous time. But it is over the dirty stinkin' nappies that our couple fall in love. Ah, romance.

While our couple is falling in love with stinky Kit, they are also falling in love with each other. There wasn't too much of any conflict, no outside villains, just two people who seem to be right for each other struggling against that rightness. By the way, throw away all those historical accuracy ideas you may be looking for in this story - they aren't there. You just need to go with the flow and enjoy a pleasant, joyful holiday book. Speaking of holiday. The three brothers show up in this book and it seemed to me that maybe they were supposed to be the wise men. They did give Sophie gifts. But I could be wrong. Also I liked the brothers better in this book. That can only be because they didn't slow the story down.

Overall, this was a sweet story and just right for Christmas - but it can also be read any other time, if you want. It was also just the right length.

Time/Place: Snowy Regency England
Sensuality: Hot

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