Luck Be a Lady by Meredith Duran

September 12, 2015


 I loved this book! When I first read the characters of Nicholas O’Shea and Catherine Everleigh in the previous book, Lady be Good, I wondered just how Ms. Duran was ever going to turn this pair into a romance couple. Well, I’m happy to say all my worries were for naught. What a wonderful couple! What a wonderful romance! Sigh.

Nicholas O’Shea. Sign. Nicholas O’Shea seemed like such an unlikely hero. In the previous book he was a pretty scary guy. While he is extremely sexy, he also has a bit of Michael Corleone’s ruthlessness about him. But where Michael is clean, Nicholas is dirtier, more rugged, grittier – ah, shucks – he’s one hot scary guy. In Luck Be a Lady we get to see his gentle side. The one hiccup I had with Mr. O’Shea wasn’t his fault, but the authors. She made him a crime lord over Whitechapel and unless I’m wrong, in this time period Whitechapel was a pretty dangerous, seedy place to be; filled with overcrowding, squalor and some pretty notorious murders.  I was a little uncomfortable with some of his “do-gooding.” Especially, when in reality, I know how decayed this area of London was at this particular time. However, I rose above my issues.

Catherine. What an interesting character. She is perceived as the “ice queen.” Many men have tried to win her, but she doesn’t want anything to do with them. The little glimpse we have of her as a child, trying desperately to win her father’s esteem, is not only enlightening but very poignant.  She is clever, ambitious and beautiful. Her life is Everleigh’s Auction Rooms, an auction house which she and her brother Peter share. Everleigh is Catherine’s true love, her only friend. When this story begins, Peter is trying to take this joy away from her. But she has a plan. Her solution is to find a man who is strong enough to stand up to Peter; someone controlling, someone who doesn’t really care about society, someone ruthless - and marry that someone. Of course, this will be a marriage of convenience. She has it all planned out. Once she’s married she will have control of Everleigh’s Auction Rooms. When she comes up with her grand plan she doesn’t take the man himself into consideration. Since this is Romanceland we all know how marriage of conveniences work. They are usually anything but convenient and it isn’t long before Nicholas and Catherine know that too.

There is so much in this book. Nicholas and Catherine are from two totally different worlds; they are two totally different people and their relationship shouldn’t work, but it does. Thanks to Ms. Duran, we have been gifted with a pretty powerful love story.

This is one of the stories this year that is not to be missed! Nicholas is one sexy guy, and ladies/gents watch for the door scene. Catherine is an unlikeable character who is made lovely. And, Peter is truly one slimy, creepy villain/brother. Luck be a Lady gets a high recommendation and I would read this one over again just because I liked it so much.

Time/Place: 1886 London
Sensuality: Hot


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