Mad, Bad, and Dangerous in Plaid by Suzanne Enoch

April 30, 2015
Do ye' ken? Anaither Scottish tale.

This is like a broken record in more ways than one. Suzanne Enoch latest Mad, Bad, and Dangerous in Plaid is the latest in the Scandalous Highlanders series. This one is about
Rowena, the sister in the MacLawry family. And, as we are told 500 gazillion times in this book she's a fierce highland lass. The hero of this story is Lachlan MacTier, Viscount Gray, who, by the way, just may be in the running for the Bonehead hero award.

I have enjoyed the other stories in this series and I especially loved Ranulf's story. That's a good thing, because let me tell you Ranulf was a big pain in the bahooky this time around. Yes, I know he's a controlling older brother who has all the responsibilities of his land, brothers, sister, neighbors, clan, wife and sheep on his shoulders. Yes, he is not the only controlling older brother I've ever seen in a Romanceland novel, but usually there is also a gentleness revealed just below the surface in most of those guys which seemed to be lacking in this presentation of Ranulf. That's too bad, because it was one of the things that darkened my enjoyment of this book. Though that wasn't the only thing that caused a shadow here and there.

Let's start with Rowena. She's very young. I mean really young and not just chronologically but she's really, really immature. She has always luved Lachlan, followed him around when they were wee bairns, ye ken. He has totally ignored her. She is like a mosquito buzzing around his head. Well, when she turns seventeen she decides to run off to London, which is actually Ranulf and Charlotte's story. Well, now she has turned eighteen and she's allll grown up and she has men tripping all over her and she is going to return to Scotland to attend her brother's wedding and she's going to bring her London friends with her and she's not going to talk with a Scottish brogue and she's going to like totally ignore that big oaf Lachlan. Rowena was a real irritating character; she was, like, totally into herself, she was like embarrassed of the sheep. Ehmagawd! Being a highlander was totally uncool. It wasn't till she was kidnapped that I had any fondness for her, but, by that time I had only a few chapters left.

Then we have Mr. Bonehead - Lachlan. For years and years he ignores Rowena - she is nothing but a big irritate in his manly life and then she shows up with her London friends and bumps on her chest! Now he sees her! She's got gazongas! She's a fierce highland beauty! She's fierce, fierce, fierce and he must have her! He must sneak into her bedroom at night and coerce her into a kiss! He must trip up all the other guys so he will be the only one left. He must navigate around his best friends in the whole world, her brothers, take her innocence and then lie about it.

I've read Suzanne Enoch since the beginning of time and I will always read her books. I love a lot of her stories; if I didn't I wouldn't still be reading her. However, every once in a while there is one book that doesn't live up to the rest of the books in the series and for me Mad, Bad, and Dangerous falls short.

Time/Place: 1820ish Scotland
Sensuality: Warm/Hot

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