The Accidental Duchess by Madeline Hunter

June 19, 2014
Please somebody say something!!! Puleeese!!!

I seem to be reading books with the same plot-line, although I suspect once again authors are hanging out at the same watering hole deciding what romance theme to include in their books.  The last time the flock of authors got together they must have decided it was "I've got a secret" time.  Secrets - mistrust - lies - deceit - misunderstandings - jumping to
conclusions...they are all connected.  Ponder there a romance book out there without those ingredients?  I'm sure there is, just can't think of one at the moment.  Can't there be tension without secrets/misunderstandings?

The Accidental Duchess is the fourth and final book in the Fairbourne Quartet series by Madeline Hunter.  This is a standard high quality Hunter story, although I prefer Ms. Hunter's medieval stories - the alpha males make a better fit in that time period.  Anyway, while this was a pleasant read, it wasn't anything out of the ordinary, and a word of warning - there are a lot of loose ends that were tied up in this book, so I wouldn't consider this story a stand-alone book.  And, if you are like me, you may have forgotten what was going on in past books, so it might behoove you to review the others in the series.

If you remember Lydia from the previous books, you will remember she has a gambling problem, but the reason for her gambling isn't all that it seems; however, I can't tell you the reason 'cause it's a secret.  She is also being blackmailed for writing a novel that might be mistaken for a spy journal but she can't tell anyone about this. She must solve the problem herself and occasionally journey into TSTL territory, and in the hands of a less experienced author this would be ridiculous but Ms. Hunter keeps Lydia from being too much of a TSTL heroine.  I confess, I confess - I did find Lydia irritating in her non-speaking, I've got a secret moments.  So, Lydia isn't talking and not only isn't she talking, she's also has a grudge against our hero.  We don't know why because she's not talking...but hey, our hero has secrets also.

Penthurst, our hero is a typical Hunter alpha male, not a chest thumping Steve Morgan type of alpha, but close enough for me to want to shout out: Oh Yeah! Who do you think you are?  There were also some very hot whankee-roo scenes, but this time there wasn't any tying to the ol' bed post...just a bossy alpha male giving commands...Oh Yeah! Who do you think you are?  I think this might be some kind of trend with authors, adding a little bit of Fifty Shades to a book for titillation.  The alpha-commando bedroom scene seemed to me to be filler, because for me it did nothing to enhance the story.

Contrary to what you may think, I did find Lydia and Penthurst fascinating as individuals and as a couple, when they were not circling each other with their secrets.  It was a slow build to the romance, and as I said before the sex scenes were hot, hot, hot...except for the commando-in-the-bedroom scene which bored me.

All in all, this is a fitting end to a pleasant series, although I strongly believe Ms. Hunter's alpha males belong in a suit of armor jousting and eating out of trenchers.
Time/Place: Georgian England
Sensuality: Hot!!!!

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