The Rake by Mary Jo Putney

April 29, 2014
My new books have just been released...joy!

It's been a slow month.  I found myself starting one book after another and not able to finish them.  Eventually I ran out of books that were calling my name...so, what do I do in that case?  Well, I turn to one of my old favorites.  What a wonderful book The Rake by Mary Jo Putney is and I have not changed my mind since my last review of it.  The only thing I did notice this time was Alys unbuttons Reggie's shirt...I choose to believe the buttons didn't go all the way down and all is right with historical accuracy world.  Nonetheless, if you haven't read this book you really should.


Anonymous said...

Putney has a way, no doubt about it. "Thunder and Roses" is perhaps my favorite, but all her historicals have something to recommend them, although the lost lords series disappointed a bit. Her confidence in her ability to weave a trance around the reader and make that reader accept what when the book is closed seems impossible astounds.

SidneyKay said...

Ms. Putney is one of those authors who I feel as if I've known them forever. Maybe that's because she was part of Signet Regency authors back in 70s-80s. I loved those books and authors like Sheila Walsh, Eileen Jackson, Vanessa Gray, Joan Wolf, Judith Harkness...etc. and of course Mary Balogh. Great line of books and I still have my original The Rake and the Reformer by Ms. Putney.