In the heart of a Highlander by Maggie Robinson

January 13, 2014

More kilts!
Well, at least the brogue's not as thick as the old days. You know, I really don't mind Scottish heroes, but this is my third one in a row. And, this one is one of the big ones! Oh, that big
brawny lad in his kilt - and he's grumpy, to boot! I love big grumpy Scotsmen, especially when I'm not married to them. You know, I've been to numerous highland games and I have yet to spot anyone in kilts as described in romance books... and I've looked.

Alec is our grumpy hero and he is seeking revenge against the man who was responsible for his wife's death. He hires our heroine, Mary, to set up the man he holds responsible. To be honest this revenge-setup, destroying-reputation, slimy-villain plot line didn't work for me. While I loved Alec and Mary, and thought they were simply an adorable couple, the means of getting them together seemed a bit contrived and actually quite absurd.

In the Heart of a Highlander worked for me when Alec and Mary were together. Alec was a wonderful hero as he stumbled and bumbled his way through love. He was like a big loveable bear - not like real ones, but stuffed ones. Mary made a great feisty heroine, and stood up to Alec on numerous occasions. She also didn't turn into a wimpy-whiner-poor-me when she discovered she was in love with him - no about face for this heroine. 

I enjoyed the time period. It was a refreshing change from the Regency period, and I do enjoy reading Maggie Robinson's books. It was just I did have some problems buying into the early part of the book when we are seeking revenge. I had numerous chuckles when Mary is behind the wheels of Alec's car. I thought Alec was a wonderful hero when he fell in love with a woman who was so different from what he was used to and he didn't want to change her.

Overall, this was a fun story with a wonderful couple, I just wished I had liked the reason for their being together more. I was not as fond of this story as I was of In the Arms of an Heiress, however, I will be looking for more from Ms. Robinson.

Time/Place: Edwardian/Scotland
Sensuality: Hot

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