The Devil Wears Kilts by Suzanne Enoch

December 9, 2013
Och, dannae fash yer'self!

The Devil Wears Kilts is the first in the new series Scandalous Highlanders by author Suzanne Enoch.  And what a rumbely-bumblely time we are in for if this book is any indication.

We are introduced to a bigger-than-life family - the MacLawry's.  I'm not sure that introduced is quite the word - maybe I should say the MacLawry family roars into Romanceville.  I loved all the MacLawry brothers and their English uncle Myles.  I'll probably even like their sister Rowena when she gets her own book.

This is the story of Ranulf MacLawry, the eldest brother.  He's one dynamic guy - like a bull in a china shop and he doesn't make any apologies for any breakage he causes along the way.  He has quite a roar; he's demanding, stubborn, and ruthless; and he doesn't back down from a fight.  When his sister runs away to London, he follows and charges into the household of the Hanover family.  And, it is there he runs right into a brick wall in the form of Charlotte, a very proper English woman who doesn't like brawling, loud-mouthed men.  From that moment on we are treated to a fun, exciting ride as these two people bump heads.  Both Ranulf and Charlotte have a mature quality about them.  Their encounters are filled with wonderful banter and steamy sensuality.  Because these two characters are a little more mature, they are also very sure of their desires and are not afraid to act on those desires.

I had a lot of fun reading this book and yes, it is heavy on the Scottish brogue.  However, I feel it was important for Ms. Enoch to use a heavy hand - the use of the brogue was needed to illustrate the great divide between Ranulf and Charlotte's world.

My quibbles - I was a little disappointed that Ranulf was so willing to change to fit into Charlotte's world.  I was glad when she realized she was wrong and she didn't want him to change, but I would have been happier if he had been the one who said, "this is who I am, take me as I am."  In the end it all worked out.  A few other quibbles - maybe we will hear more from the villains/bad guys in future books because that story thread just kind of drifted away - and, did I miss the solution of the stable fire?

Overall, Suzanne Enoch is at the top of her writing game with this story.  If you are a fan of her's you're going to be happy with The Devil Wears Kilts. The characters are exciting, the banter is clever, and the sensuality is hot!  Great beginning to what I hope is a wonderful series.

Time/Place: 1821ish England/Scotland
Sensuality: Hot!!

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