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January 21, 2013
A world of small packages.

I must not may attention to what's going on.  Evidently there are a colony/flock/herd/pride/bevy of authors who have started publishing short stories and have launched a website called Lunch Hour Love Stories.  The list of authors participating in this is impressive: Christie Ridgeway, Suzanne Enoch, Karen Hawkins, Juliana Maclean, Candice Hern, Susan Anderson, Stephanie Laurens...and on and on.  These books are supposedly intended for your lunch hours, doctor office waits, between books.  In my case it was the "not wanting to read any book in by TBR pile syndrome".   So, I went on a search for some filler and found The Lady in the Tower by Karen Hawkins and Holly Crawford.  And, by the way, this story took two lunch hours to read.  The Lady in the Tower appears to be the first in The Wicked Widow series.  I'm not sure if the rest of the stories in the series will be short or full-length novels.  I couldn't find too much about the series at Ms. Hawkins website or Lunch Hour Love Stories.  I couldn't find a website for Ms. Crawford, however, she seems to have a presence at Goodreads.

Now, I know that you might think this is a medieval story based on the title, however, The Lady in the Tower refers to a Tarot card that our lovely widow Jane has received.  Richard, is our hero.  They are both doctors, sort of.  Richard is legally a doctor.  Jane, on the other hand would probably be arrested if it became known that she was practicing medicine. I thought this was a charming read, nothing angsty, gritty, gloomy.  It's a story of two adversaries who find love.  The dialog was fun, the hero studly and the heroine just a little head-strong.  But, as a short story it worked and if you need something to tide you over for what ever reason, I do recommend it. 

And, while your at it, check out Lunch Hour Love Stories website.  I bet you just might find more stuff to read!

Time/Place: Regency England
Sensuality: Warm/Hot


nath said...

Sounds good! I wasn't aware of this website, so thanks for letting me know! :) I have to admit though, I'm not wild about the idea of so many novellas... Feels like every author is writing one, especially when they're launching a series or between books... and it's just annoying, those half stories.

I do like the idea of two "doctors" in a historical romance as opposed to people from the ton :) So I'll probably give it a try.

SidneyKay said...

I have a love/hate opinion of novellas. I use them a lot when I'm waiting for a new book or don't want to read my TBR. I've noticed more typos in short and a lot of them seem rushed. But some authors are better with a short story, then a long one...especially if that author has lost their muse.