Bedding Lord Ned by Sally MacKenzie

June 13, 2012
Can I hear an Aaawwww?
When I want to wipe the dirt from my feet, cleanse my romance world from any dark fantasy, or just know I'm going to get a fast-paced, lighthearted read, I just turn to Sally MacKenzie. Yep, Ms. MacKenzie is starting a new series, the Duchess of Love trilogy and nothing says sweet better than the title of this new series. And, by the way, there is a prequel to the series and it's free!!!   Oddly enough, it's called The Duchess of Love.  I do recommend that you check it out, it will only take one setting to read and you will get a bit of a background story about the “Duchess of Love.”

Anyway, the Duchess (Venus, not the Roman Goddess) has three sons, Ash, Ed (Ned), and Jack. And these three are in need of much help in the luv department. Ash is married, but separated; Ned is a widower; and Jack is a trickster rake. Bedding Lord Ned focuses on, you guessed it, Ned. Poor pitiful Ned. His wife has been dead four long years and he just can't move on, plus he holds himself responsible for her death. She and their child died of complications during the birthing process. Sounds like a laugh riot so far, huh? Don't worry peeps, there is laughter in this book. You see, there's a scene stealer cat, Reggie, in this story and it seems that Reggie is a bit of a kleptomaniac. He keeps gathering things belonging to humans and storing them under Ned's bed. One of the things he steals is our heroine's (Ellie) red silk under-drawers.

And from the moment Ned finds those silk things his mind and his Mr. Toad can think of nothing else but Ellie. Ellie, who just happens to be one of those mousy heroines who also happens to have grown up with Ned, his brothers, and Ned's first wife, Cicely. And guess what - she has luved Ned forever and ever. Bet you didn’t see that coming. And, let me say this about that. Ned has to be one of the biggest blockheads ever. Can't see the forest for the trees kind of blockhead.

This is a fun read; there are tons of inner thoughts from both characters that should bring a smile to your face. There are also some great secondary characters. I especially loved one of the over-enthusiastic women, Miss Wharton. I found her to be rather sympathetic and am hoping Ms. MacKenzie is thinking up a happy ending for her. 

For the most part, I enjoyed this book, although I did start to become irritated with Ned’s bullheadedness. There also seemed to be a bit of disconnect between the Ned and Ellie; she hankered, he ignored.  He ignored, she hankered. For w-a-y too long. Also, if you are looking for hot bedroom scenes, about the only ones in Bedding Lord Ned are between the parents and in the minds of Ned and Ellie. Ned has tons of visions of the red silk undies, which then create scads of problems with controlling his Mr. Toad. There are inflated Mr. Toads all over the place, but no bedding of Ned. (Well, almost no bedding.)

There is absolutely no new ground broken; however, this is a light-heartened, charming, quick read. Enjoy. You won't need any tissues for this one.

Time/Place: Regency England
Sensuality Rating: Warm

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