Last Night's Scandal by Loretta Chase

Leuu-cy, I'm hoomme!!!

All that was missing from Last Night's Scandal was Ethel Mertz. The imps from Mr. Perfect have grown up and got their own story. Yes, Olivia and Lisle. Of course, it's been so long I don't remember the story or them, but total recall was not necessary for me to enjoy this wonderful treat!

The correspondence from Olivia to Lisle is not only humorous, but an insightful look at her high energy personality. Her letters are filled with words that are CAPPED, underlined, crossed out and exaggerated, much like Lucy Ricardo's personality, and we can't help but love her zaniness. But Olivia is not a stupid heroine; she's just high energy, going from one brilliant idea to another. Lisle is at the other end of the spectrum - he's low-key, pragmatic and very much in control of every situation... unless it involves Olivia.

One of the funnier scenes in the book is when Lisle realizes his childhood friend has grown breasts - and from that moment on he never has a chance.

Lisle and Olivia balance each other out, although I couldn't help wondering if in twenty years they would grow tired of each other. Would Lisle find Olivia's brilliant ideas no longer charming? Would Olivia get tired of playing second-fiddle to Lisle's archeology?

So, Ms. Chase has created another delightful romp, and even if there are some slow moments in the middle of the book, for the most part this is a funny roller coaster ride toward the HEA. Oh yes! Watch out for the tender memento box scene. It will tug at your heart-strings.

Time/Place: 1830's Scotland, England
Sesuality Rating: Hot

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